Manns Brau – Men`s Brew that will appeal to undemanding beer drinkers

Our first time in Bayreuth I accidentally stumbled upon a brewery very near to our home. It is called Manns Brau (Men`s Brewery). It caught my eye because of all the people that were eating and drinking outside of this brewery. And most of those people were workers, dressed in blue working clothes. When I was in primary school I used to go with my dad on trips with his truck. And he thought me an important lesson – if you see a lot of truckers in a Diner, it is probably good and cheap. I just figured it goes the same for when you see a lot of other working people in a Diner. Then and there I decided we are going to try this Diner when we arrive with Zoran and Tine. And so I stuck to my brilliant plan.


It turned out it really was a good plan. Although, when you read this review, keep in mind we were very hungry and very thirsty after a hard day’s work. The place had a lot of guest even in the evening hours. Another good sign. The food was good and very affordable. The Beer was something else.

We each ordered a beer, two of us white, and two of us dark. The white Beer immediately stuck out because of its colour. It looked like a lemonade. So we said don`t judge a book by it`s cover or in this case don`t judge a beer by it`s colour, and we tried it. It wasn`t very aromatic, nothing in it`s taste stuck out. It was just very very drinkable. Dangerously so. The dark beer was a little more aromatic, but still not very specific. And again very drinkable. We all liked it.


So Manns Brau – two thumbs up. But I wouldn`t recommend it for people who are looking for a gourmet experience.