Gotta love Spring / Obožujem pomlad

While driving from Bayreuth to Međimurje (in Croatia), Paula sleeping in the car, I noticed something I was oblivious of until that moment. Perhaps because of all the things we had to do and all the worries, I actually had not really noticed it was spring. The nature coming to life in its full blossom. Beautiful. […]

First Times – Prvič-ki :)

Although there is nothing I would rather do than to talk about nostalgia and how we miss home, our kids and our friends, it is best to focus on positive things. Just so I do not wallow in self pitty. And there were quite a few of positive thing, little conquests. I call them FIRSTS. […]

Saying goodbyes! – Poslavljanje

Saying goodbye is not just hugging your friends and shedding a tear. It is about doing things for the very last time. Hugging a friend or members of my family is a sad but sort of a pleasantly sad feeling. Doing a thing for the last time is just sad and fills you up with […]

Master of Law. F..k yeah – Magister prava. Končno.

I did it. After a measly, neglectable 7 years, I managed to successfully defend my masters’ degree. Today is a good day. Although, didn`t it take Odysseus less time to get home to Ithaca? Unfortunately, my Odyssey of the long journey towards educational brilliance won`t be eternalized in any epic story. Maybe there will be […]

First impressions / Prvi občutki

As I wrote in the First beer post, Paula and I went to Bayreuth last week. We left on Sunday and stayed until Monday at Paula´s friend house in Coburg (a small city that is one hour drive away from Bayreuth). This was the only way we could make our 10 o´clock appointment on Monday […]


Another beer entry. For all who think: “This guy is an alcoholic!” I have just one thing to say – tasting beer is important work of cultural significance. You don´t believe me?! I have proof: You see?! It is a Franconian culture thing. Important from the point of view of homeland (heimat), tradition (well, that […]

The First Beer

Yeah I know I said we start our mission on first of April. So we cheated a bit, we had to. When relocating a whole family, there are a few things you have to take care of. First you need an apartment. So Paula and I went to Bayreuth last week to secure us a […]