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Oor Wullie / Naš Wullie

DSC07288If you remember there are three specifics about Dundee – the three J´s (jute, journalism and jam). Last month the city of Dundee organized a treasure hunt of amazing proportions. They ordered over 50 statues of a comic book hero called Wullie to be made and they had them spread all over the city where the kids can find them and take a picture with them. It is called the bucket trail because Oor Wullie took a bucket everywhere he went so that he could sit down on it to rest. Oor means simply our, our Wullie and he is one of the main characters in one of the DC Thompson (Dundee based newspaper company) main comic book protagonists.

Amazingly enough the bucket trail proved to be much more engaging than I initially thought. The kids are stimulated by the different statues, because every statue is different from the other, keeping the interest for discovery fresh and invigorating. We took a couple of hours to hunt for them on Monday and we found eight (one we didn´t take a picture with, because it was across the street and the crossing was far far in the other direction). Here are the seven we greeted:

 DSC07258 DSC07260 DSC07264 DSC07270 DSC07283 DSC07280 DSC07275

And some with Paula:

IMG_20160809_180654555 IMG_20160812_180616540 IMG_20160812_181159422 IMG_20160812_181544594_HDR IMG_20160812_182215017DSC07692 DSC07643Our memorabilia of the Wullie:

dsc00517 dsc00515

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