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Gaming / Računalniške igre

IMG_20160425_144914118I have already written that Dundee is known for its three J´s. However, that is an intensely historical look at Dundee. In my view Dundee should be known for another thing, a thing that even I knew about before I ever heard about Dundee – computer games (ok, this is so if I neglect the fact that Scots should be known for not feeling the cold and the wind). Yes, computer games. Have you ever heard of Lemmings?

Well if you have, you probably did not know that the game Lemmings was created here in Dundee. Now, have you ever heard of Grand Theft Auto?

Yes?! Well, you got it, it was created here in Dundee. Do you know about the liquid crystals that make the computer screens move? Aha, the technology was developed in Dundee, but they failed to file a patent claim before the discovery was made public (check this out: http://www.personal.kent.edu/~mgu/LCD/ ).

And because of that the Silicon Valley is not here in Scotland but in US. Think about what would have happened if that technology would have been patented here in Dundee. Crazy right? Well not as crazy as wearing a jacket and a hat while all the natives are running around in short sleeves. At least this is how we can discern the locals from the tourists.

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