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TayberrieScience nowadays almost knows no limits. Pluto has been photographed by a space probe that was send into space 10 years ago, we have the ability to grow tissue from stem cells, we can track and kill a cancer with a virus and we can do all sort of things with veggies and then Monsanto patents these discoveries. 😀

Speaking about patenting products of nature, before my majesty was even brought to make this world more beautiful, in the distant 1979 the Scotland`s Crop Institute that was later renamed into James Hutton Institute invented a new fruit. Yes they did. They went and combined blackberries and raspberries into a unified fruit, ending the long-lasting dispute between the Black and Rasp dynasties of berries and named it Tayberries. Of course they couldn`t name it Blackraspberry that would be too obvious, so they named it after the biggest river in the area that is everywhere you look in Dundee. Less obvious :D.

I am afraid that we haven`t tried the Tayberries yet and they cannot be bought as they are not very easy to transport being too soft, juicy and squishy when they`re ripe and Paula has not yet brought them home for us to try. But I think Tayberries represent a fun and interesting part of science. Making something useful and jummy so that we all can enjoy. And then not suing everyone that plants it on his garden.

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