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The Second National Drink of Scotland / Druga škotska nacionalna pijača

I bet you thought it was beer or something alcoholic. Well you would be wrong, but keep reading for some interesting fact about Scottish national drinks.

First in line is definitely and without a doubt whiskey. Scots take enormous pride in their whiskey, they make it an art and pleasure, but are not pushy about it – meaning they will not scold you if you decide to drink vodka or gin or just plain water. The selection of different single malt and blended whiskeys is amazing. I love the remark on my wish to try them all that went something like this: “If you would succeed in doing that, you would end up an alcoholic!”. I agree, that would be nuts.

There are two rules about whiskey that I have heard off. First is, you don`t buy your whiskey in Tesco or discount stores. You go to a specialized store. This rule I broke already. I find that whiskey are the same even in Tesco and tend to be cheaper. Second is how much whiskey you should have at home if you get a visitor – apparently you should always offer at least three different whiskeys to a guest. Then the next time he comes, you should offer him different kinds. Uau, I think we broke also that rule, but the guests were Slovenian, so what do they know. They were happy with the selection we offered.

What I didn`t expect is the second drink of Scotland – the IRN-BRU.


It is a sweet soda drink that looks so artificial as many other cheap sweet soda based drinks out there – CocaCola included. The suffer is that I like these kind of drinks. And IRN BRU is different than other popular soda drinks, but still appealing and refreshing. The first story we (it was told to Paula by her boss who knows tons about tons of stuff) heard was that the legend is it was first made with dunking steel into soda. With this process the drink got its orange-reddish colour and sour-sweet taste. Originally it was called the IRON BREW but they were forced to change it because first it had nothing to do with iron and it wasn`t brewed. So the owners of then already popular brand in English speaking nations came up with a word play IRN-BRU which is pronounced the same as the original brand but it wasn`t against the law. Also they have had a vibrant advertising history, some of the ads causing a lot of negative response for its inappropriateness:

What else can I say, if you get a chance, try it. 😀

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