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Vauxhall mystery / Vauxhall neznanka


Almost the first day we crossed the chanel, we saw a new brand of cars that had on them a logo like this:


Paula asked Damjan what kind of car this is and Damjan simply said that this is Opel. No way, how can this be Opel if the sign is not right:


and the name of these cars was Vauxhall. But soon we saw more and more of these cars, especially in Dundee where they seem to be quite popular. And we noticed that the shapes do seem like the Opel cars we saw in Germany and in Slovenia. I could have taken the easy way out of this mystery by calling my dear friend Gašper who is a car know it all (works for a big car magazine in Slovenia called Autofocus), but I decided to solve this one myself – Wikipedia here I come.

One thing was clear at this point – Vauxhall is Opel but under a different brand than in continental Europe. As a lawyer I posed a hypothesis that there must have been a dispute over a trade mark here in UK that made Opel change to a different trade mark. Let`s see what I found out.

I was wrong it seems. It is a brand thing but not a dispute over them. It seems that both brands Opel and Vauxhall have been owned by the General Motors for a long time and in 1970`s they decided to merge the car product lines into one, mostly in favour of the Opel line. That is why the cars look alike, although they sometimes do not have the same names in UK compared to continental Europe. So why did they continue to use the brand Vauxhall? On yahoo answers I found that it is generally accepted that the brand is too strong in the UK for GM to get rid of it in favour of Opel though the different model names were gradually dropped in favour of mainly Opel model names e.g. Vectra replaced Cavalier with the exception of Astra which replaced the Opel Kadett.

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