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The two taps conundrum / Neznanka dveh pip

Not a lot of things bother me here in Scotland. Not the driving on the left, not the Scottish language which I love by the way even though it can be hard to understand sometimes:

not the constant wind, not the changing weather. What annoyed me to no end was the two pipes system they have here in the sinks of the kitchen and bathroom.


It took me like a week to figure out hot to wash dishes without going insane. I still haven`t figured out hot to wash in the bathroom basin. I am working up the courage to ask our lovely neighbour Pat about it, but I still think it is too early to go about asking questions on how she does things in her bathroom, don`t you think.

It seems (I did research again) that this questions is common with newcomers in UK – http://www.londonschool.com/language-talk/blog/article/two-taps-in-the-bathroom-210/

but even this post doesn`t supply with an adequate answer. It is not so much of a problem as a fact that we are very used to the mixed-single tap where you can adjust the temperature of the water easily from one flow. Some claim that the two tap system is bad for hygiene (I surely hope not), but it is definitely hard to use. On this site I found a number of reasons why the two tap system exists:


But right now I am looking very hard for a two into one adapter, at least for the bathroom.

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