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Things about Dundee and Scotland

What a country!!! Germany was wonderful, don`t get me wrong. But Scotland is different, very different. If I would have to compare the two states I would say that Germany is beautiful, clean but could be perceived as sterile, too orderly. Scotland is wild, rough, pristine and could also be seen as disorganised and on some places even unkempt. But boy is it gorgeous and has heart, lots and lots of heart.

Here on the site “Things about Dundee and Scotland” I will try to write about stuff that caught us by surprise. Things that are so different from what we know, that they are worth the words on this blog. I hope you will have more joy reading about them than I had headaches dealing with them. 😀

First – the people. People are one of the most open and talkative people I have met in a while. Maybe it is the fact that the language barrier here is much smaller than in Germany, but my opinion is that it is the nature of people here. If you say hi to them on the street or ask them something, be ready to have at least five minutes of conversation. For instance in a supermarket I have met an elderly Dundee native who was married to a Serbian girl 30 years ago. They divorced 6 years after the marriage because she was just too homesick to stay in Scotland. Once he found out I was from Slovenia, he said with little accent: “Zdravo! Kako si?”. I was baffled to say the least.

Then there was Mick who I met on a walk to the Tay shore near our house. He is from Ireland and he explained the golden “tide” rule about fishing to me.

Today one salesman gave me a compliment about my beard. Don`t know if he was making fun or was just being kind – somehow I suspect the former.

We met a man at beach who came to talk to us when he saw a German licence plates. He loves Hamburg although he thinks the weather there is worse than in Scotland. Then he explained all about the intricacies of Dundee area weather to us.

Then there was Neil, an English chap who gave us his kitchen table via Freecycle. He races cars for hobby, works Aberdeen and had to buy a new table because his girlfriend said she was sick of the old one he had for 15 years. Good for us, the table is great. 😀

All of this in just one week. Can`t wait who we meet next.

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