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The last mistery / Zadnja neznanka

We are currently at our friends house (Ruby´s family) where we will spend our last night in Scotland. The house is cleaned, I went for my last practice, during which I took photos, because my back wouldn´t permit any physical exercise, and the car is packed with our things. Tomorrow at 10 AM we set off and we hope we will be in Ljubljana by Sunday. Interestingly, the windows in our renovated apartment have been installed today (after we wrote them a nice and polite letter explaining the legal perspective of their tardiness) and we hope the apartment will be done by the end of next week – hope.

I do not want to be emotional here, but it is hard to keep in check due to all the goodbyes and hugs we have made these two days. The presents we got have pushed us close to tears (Paula cried, I played the stable man) and it is hard to resist the urge to say: »Fuck it, we ain´t going anywhere!« Because we are going.

So, this is probably second last blog post I will be making. The last will be of us coming home to Ljubljana and that will be it for this blog. But before I go, I have one last secret about Scotland. Probably most of you know that they make deep-fried Mars bars here in Scotland. However, what you probably do not know is that they also make a deep-fried pizza. Yes, they take a pizza, dip it in batter and then they submerge it in hot oil. When we heard about that, my reaction was: »Hell no!« At that I looked at Paula thinking that she will see the long years of her healthy-food-education paying off, when she surprised me with stating that we are going to try it. If I would have said that, Paula would find a way to convince me otherwise. Men do not have such superpowers. So, we went and ate a deep fried pizza. Aaaaaannnd – we liked it a lot. 😀

Here is the proof of our transgression.

Supposed to be the best fish and chippy in Dundee – it is very good!

Next time we will be …ahm… Ljubljaniyans?!… Ljubljanans?! well, hell, people from Ljubljana.

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