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Unfinished business / Nedokončani posli

As if things weren´t hectic enough, things can get even more aggravating. Like when you go to the City centre to close the bank account and the nice lady at the counter informs you that you cannot close the account because there are some transactions pending. Or you complete the whole form for the change of tax residence, but the HMRC does not accept the forms before the date of move (despite the fact that we were advised to do it before hand). Or when you drive to a second hand bicycle shop to drop of the bicycles we couldn´t sell on Gumtree and there is a note from the guy informing everybody that he will take a two hour lunch break. Or when you make an appointment with the local mechanical garage and then it takes the mechanics, the experts two days to do exactly nothing. Or when you order windows two months in advance and they still manage to find excuses for a delayed delivery, fouling our plans to move into our apartment immediately when we get back. Or when you want to take a nice picture with our famous yoga teacher Finlay

and the lady taking the picture presses the wrong button and I don´t check. So much effort invested and so little effect. And the time is running out.

Despite our two year effort to not accumulate too many things, we now know we have failed miserably. The last batch of big boxes is ready and still there seem to be so many things in the house that it baffles me where we are going to put it all in our Citroen car.

I should be going out of my mind. Interestingly, however, I feel very calm. Maybe because I want to hide the nervousness and apprehensions from the kids, or maybe because I seem to be oriented into a problem solving direction – finding solutions for our accommodation when we get back, figuring out where all the things we have will go, talking to the mechanics and explaining the urgency of the situation (after that everything was done in a couple of hours), realising that the knowledge Finlay gave us is what matters…

Or maybe it is because I realize that we can be without material things without much problem as long as we are healthy and stick together – a sentiment that is very important especially now, three days before the trip and Ambrož is home with us, coughing his lungs out. I do not know why, but writing this reminded me of a story that happened to us on Mull, just when we were about to leave. A whole trip was ahead of us, we should have been nervous and cranky because of the bad weather and the long drive back home, but then we saw a small bird, trapped in the wind tunnel at the ferry port. She was slamming into glass walls and Mojca immediately wanted to help her. Without much hope I played the role of the saviour. Amazingly I managed to catch her, bringing that small, fragile bird out of the tunnel and onto a small rock, praying that she will fly away. To my dread the bird did not fly away, but stayed put, looking confused and dazed from all the head collisions. Even when the kids petted her for a moment, she stayed there, looking at us. We brought her bread and water and even some pieces of apple. Nothing worked and soon we had to go to the ferry. I could see that the whole ordeal distressed the kids. They couldn´t stop talking about the bird and asking if she would be OK. To my relief, the bird was gone by the time we had to drive pass the stone on our way to the ferry hold. I told the kids in my happy voice that the bird was fine and that she flew away. In truth I didn´t know if that was true. She could as easily have been lying dead on the floor beneath the stone where we couldn´t see her.

As far as the kids are concerned, the bird is alive and well and, most importantly, we saved her life.

Next to this, we have some measure of closure with the people here, especially Ruby´s family. We have been trying hard to balance the planning of the move with the social life. So, we have been going to dinners (most pleasant dinner with Davide and Lili and their two kids), playdates (with Ritchie and his daughter Lara),

saying goodbye to friends (we went to Pat´s house one last time to say bye), school events (like the Friday sport´s day, where both kids gave it all they had and we were very proud of them)

secret events (like the time-capsule the kids prepared with Ruby, which they will open when they are 18 year old)

and other social events (Mojca went to a concert of Ruby´s brother Oran, and came back very late, for which she feels very special and grown up). Out of all these things, Sunday trip to Lunan bay with the entire Ruby´s family excels in its importance. Going to a nice beach with the people that are most dear to us here gave me closure somehow. I am still not happy about going back, but now I do not feel sad anymore. I cannot explain why the shift happened, but it did. After the last practice on Thursday, I am ready to go – we are ready to come home.

The camp!

Dominik in action

Leon in action.

Oran in action.

Oh yeah, despite the delay with the apartment renovation, we got some photos. I would like to share with you the photos from our renovated bathroom – the issue with the bathroom, that thing that made many people prone to share their opinion with us, were the tiles we chose. Now that they are up, we are amazingly happy with the choice we made – not because we thing they are the most beautiful tiles we could have chosen, because it was our choice and the apartment will finally have the stamp of our character on it. Here is our bathroom with our very colourful tiles (no comments allowed 😛 )

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