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Big Daddy´s day / Dan očetov

I know I am pushing the issue, but I will express it anyway – it is the last full week of our life here in Dundee and Scotland. Paula and I have packed three big boxes to send home (well, we are going to send them to my mother and brother´s house, so I hope they consider this as a heads-up) and emptied and cleaned throuroughly our bedroom. It is very hot today, much much hotter than it was during our three days on Isle of Mull – and much drier too.

Yep, our wish for getting some sunshine on our last trip did not come true, not even close. Still, I believe we made the most of it but it still felt like we were ticking the boxes.

Visit to Castle Duart on Isle of Mull – ticked

; visit to Isle of Iona – ticked

At the Fionnaport

Us on Iona / Mi na Ioni

; visit the renowned beach of Calgary on Mull – ticked

Shitty weather, told you so / Usrano vreme, sem vamreku.

; me not puking on the ferry – ticked (no pictures of that because it did not happen). What felt like a true adventure to me was the visit to the beach of Knockvologan (I have no idea how they pronounce it, but my version is the best). Why is this beach so special, you might ask if you are reading this blog and are interested? Well, because I saw it on google maps and I just needed to experience it for myself:

Wouldn´t you want to see a beach this interesting? / Ali vi na bi hoteli videti take zanimive plaže.

While the kids were satisfied with the first sand they saw on the beach, I pressed on to walk the whole sand area between the hills. It truly is one of the most unique beaches I have seen in my life. The weather prevented me to do any elaborate pohotos, but here are some I was able to make.

What really felt like a nice day was the cloudy Sunday (which was also father´s day here in the UK, which meant I could chose lunch and unhealthy lunch it was and got these

), the day before our trip back home. It wasn´t raining and it was very warm without any wind. However, this meant one thing – or better – this meant a thousand little things, the midges. Hoards and hoards of them. If you could ignore them, you could have a nice time, like we did in Tobermory (the town that inspired a UK famous childrens´ show – one of those shows we didn´t get in the continental Europe, and what I have seen of it, just as well :P):

Yeah I know – too many pictures of colorful houses /Vem vem, preveč slik z barvastimi hišammi.

Take this instead / Tukaj je nekaj drugega.

And some more colorful houses / In še malo barvastih hiš.

Probably the best photo I took the whole weekend / Verjetno najboljša fotka celega vikenda.

When we got back from the trip, we drived into a hot and sunny Dundee and decided we are never leaving again – well, until next week that is when we leave Dundee for ever. During all that is happening the funniest thing that I have seen and that really made me laugh was this


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