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Not my week / Ni moj teden

Monday morning I woke up and the first thing I had to deal with was the pictures of our apartment in Ljubljana that showed us that not enough work has been done so far. While it is still not time for panicking (the advice only Paula seems to follow) it did get me into a bad mood. Then we had to remove some furniture and yesterday we got rid of most of our big pieces (bed, dining table, desk, big cupboard in the bathroom, the cabinet from our living room) and so we were again sleeping on the floor, storing our stuff in boxes and eating on makeshift tables. I will not try to describe how sad this made me feel – let me just say that at a certain point Paula saw my sombre mood and asked me not to cry because it will make her sad. And if this wasn’t enough, the moving of all that heavy furniture tweaked my back to such a degree that I had a very very hard time getting up this morning without screaming out loud. All of this one day before we were meant to go to Isle of Mull (the destination that Paula has been looking forward to the most) and I cannot stand or sit for longer periods of time.

Amidst all of this there were a couple of things that managed to lift my mood up. First was the Monday practice where I was presented with a memorial award of the Dempsey club. Even without this award I would always feel that I was a part of this club and the club was a part of me, but with the memorial award I feel that there will be a lasting impression of my time here with sensei Paul, John and Alec and all the karateka that I had the privilege to train with for the last two years – Craig, Allan, Tom, Mat, George, Bruce, Graeme, Robert and all the others I met. I will miss them dearly as I will miss the abundant knowledge that sensei Paul has – as you might have noticed I have nothing but respect for sensei Paul Dempsey. Os!

Next to the award sensei also got me a CD with videos of us doing kata (for educational and embarrassment purposes – and what kind of blogger would I be if I wasn’t willing to embarrass myself now and then, so here you go, you are welcome:


Then Ruby celebrated her 9th birthday and we were invited to their house and I had a blast, meeting their friends and seeing the kids play (and argue over who gets to play with BB8 remote toy). Next day Ruby’s brothers brought a spare table to our house, so that we wouldn’t need to eat on the boxes for the remainder of our stay here. The Ellis family have been the truest friends we have had here in Scotland and we considered Ruby as an additional family member – I do not know what will happen in the future but I do know that the memory of them will always bring a smile to my face.

Yesterday, after I got Mojca to her Rainbows meeting with the painful back I was glad I did so because the girls with their leader prepared a surprise farewell party for Mojca and got her a present (the Rainbow doll in the title picture). After the meeting Karen came to us and gave Mojca a really big hug which made even me feel nice and cosy inside. Thank you Karen.

As you see the negatives have been balanced out by the positives. So, after I supressed the scream of pain this morning and had some breakfast, I went to the living room and preformed some yoga exercises for the back. The first few moves hurt so badly that I almost fainted, but I said “screw this, don’t be a pussy” and did several more until my “downward-dog pose” looked as it should and the pain receded to almost bearable. After some painkillers I hope I will be ready for the trip to Mull.



  1. Katarina Katarina
    15. 6. 2017    

    Hvala, do solz sem se nasmejala tisti klišejski potezi z dlanjo. Ok, nič ne vem o karateju, vem.

    • danz01 danz01
      19. 6. 2017    


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