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The First to come, last to leave – EDO / Prišel prvi, odšel zadnji – Edo

Three weeks to go and the things are heating up. The flat renovation is not going completely as planned and we hope it will be finished before we arrive in Slovenia. Also, the neighbours are not happy with all the noise and dust that is the consequence of a significant renovation. Next to this, the leak to the lower apartment has not helped the issue of tensions.

But Paula is staying positive and that keeps my growing panic in check – for now. Next to this, the offers of help regarding temporary accommodation from friends and family gave me some assurance that the move to Ljubljana will not be a complete disaster.

Otherwise, we have been saying more goodbyes – we had lunch with a person, who was first my professor, then my colleague and now I think I can call her a friend – Yvonne. She is solely responsible for me getting the job at the Dundee Uni and giving me advice on how to tackle the whole lecturing experience. Paula and I took her to lunch to the Beer kitchen to say thank you for all that she has done for me in her three different roles during the last two years.

During the weekend we have gotten an interesting visit – Edo. Edo was the first visitor to see us during our time in Germany and he is the last visitor to see us during our time in Scotland and our time abroad. Kind of giving this whole adventure a frame, or a beginning and an end to the third party contributions to our experience. We are very grateful to everyone who took the time and suffered the cost of the trip to see us during the last three years – this is not meant as a polite statement but a declaration of the significance of all the visits from friends, which helped us to keep in touch with domestic developments.

The weekend went by really fast and the weather was not doing us any favours, so we didn´t get to see many things, but we still managed to make one last visit to the Discovery museum and Paula took Edo to Isle of May to see the puffins. I refused to go,

because even thinking about being on a rocky boat made me judge the distance to the nearest toilet in case I need to throw up (we had to keep the trip to Isle of May a secret from the kids, because Mojca really wanted to go, but Paula didn´t want to take the kids without my help due to the perils of the cliffs on the Isle). I was lucky to decide as I did because the sea was very unruly and I would have not have a good time – not at all unless you consider puking and watching other people puke as having a great time. Despite the elements, I think Paula and Edo had a good time and I was really happy to see him. He still amazes me with all his accomplishments and his life in general – the work he does, the independence he has achieved at such young age etc.

Thank you Edo, for your first visit and for seeing us before our life changes again – see you in Ljubljana.

Here are some photos from the visits in Discovery museum and the Open Farm Day at the James Hutton Institute:

Kids´ play:

Ambrož is somewhere in there / Ambrož je nekje tam notri.

Kid´s art / Otroška umetnost.

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