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This is it – the last month of Hertourage / To je to – zadnji mesec Hertourage


Wildflowers at the James Hutton Institute / Divje rože pred Institutom James Hutton

We have been away from home for 37 full months, the 38th will be our last month living abroad, the last month of living an extraordinary life, the last month before starting a new/old way of life which we are determined to make it … well, extraordinary. I know I could go on and on about all the things that I feel right now, but I won´t. The weird thing is that I feel as scared about going back as I felt all those months ago when it was time to leave our home country.

One month seems like a long time, but there are so many things to get done, to prepare, to organise for a smooth relocation that these last 30 days will pass in a blink of an eye (I am writing this and trying to resist the enveloping panic – then I get a phone call from my friend Jane who was just visiting another friend Tine and we speak and during that conversation I realize that everything is as it should be – and the panicky feeling recedes). First, and most important things we have to take care of is saying our farewells. We had our friend Pat for one last lunch during the weekend to give her our present and show our appreciation for her acceptance and friendship.

The next thing is the kids´ friends and activities. On Wednesday Mojca mentioned to her girl-guiding leader that we were leaving for good and the reaction was quite emotional – now the girls will prepare a surprise farewell party for Mojca. On Friday the kids were invited for a recording of a small entry in the BBC programme which will air this Friday after eight (we still do not know on which channel though). I took some photos of the occasion and watching them interact with other kids from school I realized that our kids belong to this country much more than we could ever have. Thankfully they are still very young and adaptable, so hopefully the move will be less stressful than I am stressing about just now.

Mojca and the camerman / Mojca in snemalec.

Ambrož doing his thing outside of the script / Ambrož dela po svoje izven scenarija.

Oh yeah, I forgot to change the settings on my camera, so there are a few BW photos that were not intended to be BW, but I think they still look good.

In the upcoming days and weeks there will be many more farewells like that to make. We are already kind of saying goodbye to places we like – like the Tentsmuir forest and beach – one the first places that has taken my breath away can still leave us in awe of its beauty. This time we got to see the sea mist or the so-called haar rolling in like the mist from a horror film, a snake weaving its long body on the bottom of the estuary sneaking up on its prey which was the city of Dundee this time (even the name haar sounds ominous). Literally, one minute the city was bathing in sunshine, the next minute the white-grey monster enveloped it and took hold of it for several hours, lowering the visibility to a few meters and dropping the temperatures for almost 10 degrees. We, however, were on the southern bank of Tay, which for some reason was spared the attack of the haar and we got to see the mist streaming past us several meters from us. The conditions stayed like this for the whole duration of our stay in Tentsmuir, giving us opportunity to observe this interesting phenomenon.

Paula in the middle / Paula na sredini.

Paula sunbathing while the mist rolls past /

Fishermen getting lost in the mist / Ribiči izginejo v megli.

Yeah, a long exposure – I just had to / Ja, ena slika z daljšo azslonko.

And us / In mi.


The next thing that we wanted to do this weekend is to visit a big shopping centre called the House of Bruar that offers some unique products from Scottish materials. I must say that we had a hard time refraining from buying things we don´t need despite the clear plan of what to buy. A very nice place to visit, if you have extra pounds to spend. But what really surprised me was the walk we had after our shopping was done – up the gorge of the Bruar burn to the falls of Bruar. The only thing that I didn´t like about the walk was that there were maybe too many people there. Outside of this, the walk felt really nice and the scenery just called for the use of my filters – you are probably already sick of the long exposure photographs, but to me these pictures, with their ethereal look to them, represent the feelings I have when experiencing the sights. So, give me some slack to enjoy doing things the way I like it 🙂 .

The falls:

Us with the falls:

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