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Unbearable Heat and Tartan / Nevzdržna vročina in Škotski karo

DSC04677I am a proponent of Scotland´s weather – I will be the first to say that the weather here is not as bad as everybody says it is. However, in the two years of living in Scotland there has never been a single day that I felt the need to find shade. That is until previous week.

The previous week served us a couple of the most scorching days yet. I had to find my shorts at the bottom of the cupboard and dust of my sandals (after nagging Paula for half an hour to tell me where they are). Then I went out and came immediately back in to put on some sun cream. Wearing shorts and sandals while walking in Dundee made me feel naked – the feeling you get when you forget something but can´t remember just what it is, with the slight difference that I had a feeling that I forgot to put on my pants. It felt good to feel completely warmed by sun, but it also felt good to hide in the shade a couple of times.

Dundee walk with Paula (which we can do now that we are both unemployed:

I was the hottest of times...

It was the hottest of times…


Tentsmuir beach after school:

DSC04717 DSC04720 DSC04723 DSC04649 DSC04622 DSC04629

Our apartment has been decimated into what seems to be a couple of walls and concrete floors, the only thing remaining as a trace of what used to be a liveable apartment is the toilet seat. Now, I hope, the works will be turned into making the apartment whole again and I do hope they manage to complete the works until we get home. One month to go.

On a more domestic note, the kids had a busy week. First they had to endure the heat, then they had to perform in the School assembly show. The theme of the show was Scotland, so we took it very seriously. By chance, Mojca and Ambrož got a kilt and a tartan skirt from Ruby´s family, so we took the opportunity to go all out with Scottish symbols. Despite the slight exaggeration with the tartan symbols, I think they looked really nice.

aambrož reading DSC04816 DSC04849 DSC04853

The thing was that Ambrož felt like a natural in the kilt and he liked wearing it. So, we let him wear the kilt most of the weekend, even when we went to Perth to enjoy the riverside of Tay.DSC04935


Mojca decided to go with the yellow dress 😀

DSC04963 DSC04900 DSC04896And we even let him wear it when we went to Edinburgh to stroke the nose of Greyfriar´s Bobby – a statue erected to a small and loyal dog that now brings luck to all who rub his nose. I just hope that my wish comes true.

To learn about Bobby click here!

To learn about Bobby click here!

The second thing that we wanted to see was the Royal botanic garden of Edinburgh. However, after we managed to find the parking in the city centre after a gruelling half an hour of nerve wrecking twists and turns, we noticed that we parked right next  to the Scottish National Museum, which is (as we saw on the large billboards) FREE OF CHARGE. And as it is with anything that is free, we decided to take a quick look – and that quick hop into the museum ended with me saying “I am sorry, I am too tired, let us go home” four and a half hours later. We never made it to the botanic garden.

DSC05017 DSC05049 DSC05042 DSC05026 DSC05062 DSC05055 DSC05085 DSC05065 DSC05067

What a great venue for the family. And we caught this museum just at the time of the children´s festival in Edinburgh, that offers constant shows for the kids. Truly a great place to spend the day. It was just too big to do everything in one day.

To end this post, I must show you the cake Paula and the kids made for grandma Jelena´s birthday:

DSC04989 DSC05003

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