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Fox, deer and rabbits / Lisica, srna in zajci

DSC04475There have been some weird things happening lately. One of the weirdest was Paula´s bike got stolen right from our yard. The bike getting stolen wasn´t the weird thing though, the weird thing was that whoever stole the bike left another bike in place of Paula´s. And if that strikes you as really weird, then you will cringe at the fact that the bike that was left behind is in a better condition that the bike that had been stolen. We still haven´t decided how to react – calling the police would be strange, as would riding the “new” bike.

Another thing that happened today is the fact that it is only 6 30 in the morning and I have been awake for 3 and a half hours. For everything that has happened today I blame this guy:

I have always wanted to get up in the morning and shoot the sunrise – with my camera that is. But I like my sleep, I need my sleep, I want my sleep. So I never acted on my wish until three things happened. First was the urgency that is the ever closer day of departure. The second thing is Thomas Heaton who is a professional photographer of landscapes and has a Youtube channel I started to watch to get some pointers on how to do long-exposures. The third is the weather conditions – it is very very warm in Scotland (20 degrees Celsius, which is on the verge of scorching and there is almost no wind) and the clouds are nicely scattered over the sky. Like this:

DSC04496 DSC04491I had no more excuses. The problem is that in late spring, the sun comes out at 4 30 in the morning, which means that I would have to get up at 3 AM. I said screw this and did the opposite of what I usually do – I went for it. As does Thomas, my unwitting Youtube friend, I scouted my composition (I bet Mr. Heaton would laugh when he sees my so called compositions – I am not sure I completely understand what a composition is). First I wanted my object to be the Broughty Ferry castle

DSC04402but then decided to use this

DSC04430as the frame and anchor for the picture (just so you know I have no idea what a frame and anchor are in a photograph, I am just repeating what Tom is saying in his videos).

All set all I needed to do was to get up early enough so that I got to the location more than half an hour before sunrise. Here are some of the results of my early endeavour:

Taken with my Sony Camera (the first is burnt where the sun was, the other two are just too dark where the lighthouse is – not happy, not happy at all)

DSC04553 DSC04548 DSC04541

Taken with the Nikon P520 Camera – while I was waiting for the long exposures.

DSCN8792 DSCN8793 DSCN8797

Regardless of the results of the photoshoot, getting up so early in the morning served some unexpected surprises that I did not expect (OK, let us analysis this sentence – surprise is something that you cannot expect, or it wouldn´t be surprise, so adding unexpected adjective is redundant. Furthermore an unexpected surprise is something that cannot be expected, so the third part of the sentence is just overkill). All right I expected the rabbits, because even at dusk we see a lot of rabbits hopping out from their burrows beneath the bushes. I did not expect the fox that waited for me in front of our house in the morning when I opened the door to get to the car. We stared at each other as if asking which one of us is crazier to be awake at that hour. I had another staring contest with a deer that wandered into my path when I was leaving the lighthouse beach. She was so startled that she stopped mid-street and stood still for almost a minute. During which time I tried to take off my ND filter to take a photograph. But before I finished she decided that I wasn´t interesting enough and ran off.

Seeing and experiencing all of this, hours before my family or most of the city will wake made me determined to do this again and as soon as possible. However, I suspect that the determination will fade when I hear the alarm clock go off at 3 o´clock in the morning again.

Until next time, here is another lighthouse:


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