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DSC04035Above: The Quaich – a small drinking bowl used for drinking whisky as a confirmation of friendship or allegiance (friendship cup). Paula got it from her colleagues at the Institute as a farewell gift – I tested it and it works fine. 😀

Paula and I really like reading books. I have been reading the biography of The Big Yin (in translation: The big one as in the Billy Connolly), but lately I have lost the interests as the book progressed into his later year when he was already very successful. I think I will rather start reading this:

DSC04176But what I should be reading is the book on the competition law in the EU, which is the legal area that will be prominent in my future life as it seems.

Paula is reading the second (and third book at the same time I think) book of the Outlander series. We are packing all the books that we have read to donate them to the local library or the used book shop in Dundee. But this is not the reason I have started this post – I dare to assume that people are not interested in our reading list or donation of books.

The real reasons are this. A while ago we got a really cool present from Jesa that blew me away. It was a book of her three days with us (or was it four).

DSC04172 DSC04175This is what I want to do for our blog memories – to gather all the posts about our family and put them in a book. I even started to execute this idea but then got overwhelmed by the sheer size of the blog with almost 400 post on it and gigabytes of pictures. No way that I could produce a nice book such as Jesa´s.

The second reason for the title is the fact that Mojca has started reading book – like for real and real books, not just picture books with couple of words, but book with very few pictures and lots of text. And she seems to really enjoy tucking herself in the bed and reading for hours at a time. Ambrož on the other hand seems to struggle a bit with the reading (his math abilities are on the other hand quite impressive – also, he is very quick to recognize patterns and deviations from usual or prevailing patterns).

The third reason for the title is a very special book – the memory book that we have prepared and gave to school months ago. Well we got it back and all the schoolmates and teachers have drawn something in it. This is definitely one of the more special books we will ever own.


Yep, we also own a copy of a book called Grey, which iss 50 Shades of Grey storyline from the perspective of Christian Grey – why we own this book, do not ask me.

DSC04171 DSC04170

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