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Just as in movies… / Kot v filmu

DSC03998…unfortunately it is just as in those movies that make you cry. Happy tears but tears nonetheless. The reason for such a title is that last weekend Mojca said something really beautiful but all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and cry like a wee bairn (scottish for a small child). I felt like she felt but I knew that it is not going to last.

If the suspense is killing you, then let me kill the suspense. Mojca said that the last weekend was the best weekend of her life. And it wasn´t because we took them somewhere fancy or far or to a place we haven´t been yet. It was none of those things we do that make this blog a slightly readable effort. We actually stayed mostly at home. We didn´t buy her anything, even though our Mojca has many wishes that have gone unanswered (this, at least, is her interpretation of the material reality that is plaguing). What we did was…it was just so mundane that it shouldn´t  have been anything extraordinary, but it was. I felt it too. We all felt it. Basically we went for a couple of visits, a visit with Paula´s former colleague and we took the bikes to the city.

IMG_20170506_133556830 IMG_20170506_132823791Then we went to our friends house and kids´ school friends and had loads of pizza while the kids ran around and sprayed water all over.

IMG_20170507_164312284But most important contributor to the state of mind in this post was the fact we had Ruby over for most of the weekend. The kids had a sleepover, we took her to the swimming pool and even started to learn how to rollerblade (one pair of rollerblades we got from Ruby´s family and the other from our neighbours that have to older boys that do not need them anymore). The kids were running around barefoot, inside, outside. It felt familiar somehow.  It was that feeling you get when the weather is nice and warm, you can feel the summer coming and everything is blooming and you feel safe and welcome – in short, you feel at home.

DSC03081 The kids have gotten really attached to Ruby. They are really good together. They play, talk to each other, have fun, do naughty things and even fight sometimes but seem to make up immediately. In short, they are friends. And we are going to take this from them. I know it is not intentional. However, collateral damage like this reminds me of all the movies I watched as a kid, when parents make their child leave the familiar surroundings for a new home and the kid hates them for it. In romantic versions of those movies he/she hates the parents until the kids figures out that it was the best thing that has ever happened to him/her and starts to love the parents again (like in the best cartoon ever Inside Out – if you haven´t seen it yet there is no helping you). In the not so family friendly movies the kids get possessed by a ghost and kill the parents – yep, its not so funny anymore is it. Our truth will be probably somewhere in the middle as life mostly is compared to the movies.


On another note Paula has been busy organising a renovation of our apartment in Ljubljana (with a lot of help from her sister Petra and her partner Aleš). This is a project which should have been a small endeavour but has been blown out of all proportions. I try to stay calm but on the inside I am screaming….


…because this is supposed to be a small “refreshing” of the apartment.

Still, I do not have a lot of time to panic (well not too drastically, there is always room for a small panic I say) because I am kept busy by the exams that I need to grade and essays I need to mark, so I have been reading a lot of legal works that range from superb to embarrassing.

When I can or have the time and the energy to I try to find a perfect moment to make a long-exposure photograph and marvel at the result. This is my latest that I like the most (the upper one is also on, but not my favourite).

DSC03980Right now though I have sat down to make one post this week. Meanwhile Ambrož is in his bed struggling with a very high fever and I feel guilty for making him go to school today despite his cough (he had no temperature in the morning though) because it was picture day and he missed it last year and I really wanted him to have some souvenir of his uniform days. And they both look so cute/handsome on the pictures and so grown up in those uniforms.

Oh yeah, for those of you who are not my FB friends, here is an interview I gave. I earned this honour because I have no job and my wife is succesful. Yep, that is all it takes to have five minutes of fame.

https://www.mariecuriealumni.eu/newsletter/interviews-april-2017  – just click Dominik and ignore the other guy 😀

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