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This is it – the last month of Hertou...

This is it – the last month of Hertourage / To je to – zadnji mesec Hertourage

  We have been away from home for 37 full months, the 38th will be our last month living abroad, the last month of living an extraordinary life, the last month before starting a new/old way of life which we are determined to make it … well, extraordinary. I know I could go on and […]

Rock and sand with some poo mixed int...

Rock and sand with some poo mixed into it / Kamenje, pesek in malo vmešanega dreka

After two weeks of living in remote Highlands, with the wind constantly blowing us away, we now feel kind of at peace. It is a strange feeling to come from a holiday break and feel more at ease now than we did on the break. Also, right after we got back home we got visits […]

Scotland for pussies… / Škotska za me...

Scotland for pussies… / Škotska za mevže…

…or a family perfect getaway. Depends how you look at it really. For a person that is mesmerized by the highlands as I am, going to the south of Scotland could prove to be somewhat unsatisfying. Despite that we really wanted to see the south of Scotland. The first reason was just that we wanted […]

Small Victories / Majhne zmage

Small Victories / Majhne zmage

Last week has been full of small but meaningful victories. Ambrož got his orange belt at karate and his second trophy for working really hard, Paula has finished her experiment in Nottingham where she stayed three days this week, I got awarded distinction for my LL.M degree and Mojca got invited to join the local […]

A Dalmore / En Dalmore

A Dalmore / En Dalmore

This month is a month of birthdays. My mother celebrated her birthday yesterday, I will have my birthday in 9 days and Paula has her birthday at the end of the month and our neighbours just got a new family member in a form of a tiny little girl. Paula wants yoga pants for her […]

Familiarities / Znane stvari

Familiarities / Znane stvari

Last week the kids went to their second class of the Primary School here in Invergowrie. As it might seem initially strange that they are going to a higher class in an English speaking school, the whole process felt very familiar. We are back to the daily routine that we knew the last school year, […]