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The forgotten triangle / Pozabljen tr...

The forgotten triangle / Pozabljen trikotnik

When we were on our last long holiday, Paula and I were looking at the map of Scotland, marvelling at all the places and regions of Scotland that we have already seen. Still we realized that even with all our efforts, there were some large areas of Scotland that we have not yet seen or […]

Of Sheep and Men / O ljudeh in ovcah

Of Sheep and Men / O ljudeh in ovcah

I think it is time for the final post of our great North-western adventure. It has almost been two weeks since we got home and during that time many things have happened. Paula got a seal of excellence for the new project proposal which opens many new doorways for her in the future. The kids […]

Rock and sand with some poo mixed int...

Rock and sand with some poo mixed into it / Kamenje, pesek in malo vmešanega dreka

After two weeks of living in remote Highlands, with the wind constantly blowing us away, we now feel kind of at peace. It is a strange feeling to come from a holiday break and feel more at ease now than we did on the break. Also, right after we got back home we got visits […]

Yellow bush, narrow roads and red wat...

Yellow bush, narrow roads and red water / Rumeno grmovje, ozke ceste in rdeča voda

For all of you who are more visual and do not have the patience to read my ramblings, here is a video of our first day on the road (the song in the background is a Slovenian group Dan D with the song Voda (Water)): For all others, here is what really happened 😀 When […]

Things done, stuff achieved / Stvari ...

Things done, stuff achieved / Stvari narejene, cilji doseženi

I crouch over my bait, trying to hold my torch with my mouth and tie the hook to the fishing line. Damjan is standing behind me, laughing at me and enjoying my incompetence. Then I hear a car stop violently at the gravel road near us and I see three men exit the car. They […]

Plan ahead…or not / Planiraj vnaprej,...

Plan ahead…or not / Planiraj vnaprej, ali pa ne

… a personal look into the brain of the Hertourage leader´s ingenious planning strategy Plan the lecture, so that the students will see all the wonderful real-life issues that are connected with Intellectual property law – go online, read the latest articles, search for issues that have reverberated globally, make it interesting – focus on […]