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This is it – the last month of Hertou...

This is it – the last month of Hertourage / To je to – zadnji mesec Hertourage

  We have been away from home for 37 full months, the 38th will be our last month living abroad, the last month of living an extraordinary life, the last month before starting a new/old way of life which we are determined to make it … well, extraordinary. I know I could go on and […]

Unbearable Heat and Tartan / Nevzdržn...

Unbearable Heat and Tartan / Nevzdržna vročina in Škotski karo

I am a proponent of Scotland´s weather – I will be the first to say that the weather here is not as bad as everybody says it is. However, in the two years of living in Scotland there has never been a single day that I felt the need to find shade. That is until […]

Fox, deer and rabbits / Lisica, srna ...

Fox, deer and rabbits / Lisica, srna in zajci

There have been some weird things happening lately. One of the weirdest was Paula´s bike got stolen right from our yard. The bike getting stolen wasn´t the weird thing though, the weird thing was that whoever stole the bike left another bike in place of Paula´s. And if that strikes you as really weird, then […]

Books´n´books / Knjige knjige

Books´n´books / Knjige knjige

Above: The Quaich – a small drinking bowl used for drinking whisky as a confirmation of friendship or allegiance (friendship cup). Paula got it from her colleagues at the Institute as a farewell gift – I tested it and it works fine. 😀 Paula and I really like reading books. I have been reading the […]

Just as in movies… / Kot v filmu

Just as in movies… / Kot v filmu

…unfortunately it is just as in those movies that make you cry. Happy tears but tears nonetheless. The reason for such a title is that last weekend Mojca said something really beautiful but all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and cry like a wee bairn (scottish for a small child). I […]

The forgotten triangle / Pozabljen tr...

The forgotten triangle / Pozabljen trikotnik

When we were on our last long holiday, Paula and I were looking at the map of Scotland, marvelling at all the places and regions of Scotland that we have already seen. Still we realized that even with all our efforts, there were some large areas of Scotland that we have not yet seen or […]