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The End / Počil je lonec in te zgodbe...

The End / Počil je lonec in te zgodbe je KONEC

A huge Rhinoceros Beetle we found today on Polževo The surge of emotions that we are feeling right now cannot be described. While I am preparing myself to go back to work after three wonderful years of living a different life that I never planned or expected, a life I could only have imagined and […]

The last mistery / Zadnja neznanka

The last mistery / Zadnja neznanka

We are currently at our friends house (Ruby´s family) where we will spend our last night in Scotland. The house is cleaned, I went for my last practice, during which I took photos, because my back wouldn´t permit any physical exercise, and the car is packed with our things. Tomorrow at 10 AM we set […]

Unfinished business / Nedokončani pos...

Unfinished business / Nedokončani posli

As if things weren´t hectic enough, things can get even more aggravating. Like when you go to the City centre to close the bank account and the nice lady at the counter informs you that you cannot close the account because there are some transactions pending. Or you complete the whole form for the change […]

Big Daddy´s day / Dan očetov

Big Daddy´s day / Dan očetov

I know I am pushing the issue, but I will express it anyway – it is the last full week of our life here in Dundee and Scotland. Paula and I have packed three big boxes to send home (well, we are going to send them to my mother and brother´s house, so I hope […]

Not my week / Ni moj teden

Not my week / Ni moj teden

Monday morning I woke up and the first thing I had to deal with was the pictures of our apartment in Ljubljana that showed us that not enough work has been done so far. While it is still not time for panicking (the advice only Paula seems to follow) it did get me into a […]

The First to come, last to leave – ED...

The First to come, last to leave – EDO / Prišel prvi, odšel zadnji – Edo

Three weeks to go and the things are heating up. The flat renovation is not going completely as planned and we hope it will be finished before we arrive in Slovenia. Also, the neighbours are not happy with all the noise and dust that is the consequence of a significant renovation. Next to this, the […]